PENCILS 101, 201, and 301

The series of Pencils workshops are designed to build a solid foundation for your drawing skills.




 These lessons are designed for any student, even if you have no previous drawing experience.  In the Pencils Series, as in all of Elizabeth's video workshops, you will receive the PDF documents, link, and password promptly after you join the workshop.  Elizabeth is happy to answer your questions through email and also to critique your scanned drawings as they are in progress.
Pencils 101 begins at the very beginning helping you to learn to see rather than assume.  The lessons move quickly into shading.   You will enjoy Elizabeth's clear and thorough right-brained approach to teaching.

The lessons in Pencils 201 build stronger shading skills and present basic perspective.   These lessons are invaluable toward drawing any subject you are inspired to draw.  


http://windandhoney.comPencils 301 stretches 
your shading and perspective skills even 
further with projects that are both challenging and fun.  Students are very surprised at how quickly their drawing abilities grow using these lessons.  You will be so pleased with the skill level you will achieve with Pencils 301. 

****Bundled Price for Pencils 101, 201, and 301****

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